Auto Union

One of the more intense projects Motorsport Solutions has been asked to undertake was the Auto Union replica.

It started with our customer giving us a model of the 1936 Auto Union and a 28L meteor tank engine.

The question was can you make a copy of this…. the answer was yes!

Six years later the project was completed.
One year of planning and pattern making
Two years of manufacturing components
One year of body and pipe work
One year of running gear
18 months of final assembly and paint

This is truly a New Zealand special based on concept from the famous 1936 war veteran.

The finished project was 20% larger than the original; it has a 28L V12 meteor engine commonly used in a centurion tank of the day in WWII.

A project that we were proud to be associated with and has fulfilled a client’s dream!


Scope of Work

Transmission cases / Gear box / Clutch / Axels / Brakes / Shock Absorber Dampers / Torstion Bars all designed and manufactured in house by Motorsport Solutions.

36 inch wire wheels were manufactured in Canterbury.

What might be called a true New Zealand special!

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