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Spike Kohlbecker in New Zealand!

Fly safe Spike!
We have enjoyed having you be part of the Team at Motorsport Solutions.
Looking forward to seeing you back here next year!!

A message from Spike…
KIa Ora …

Done and Dusted here in En Zed!

I went to New Zealand (En Zed) for the ultimate off-season test; a new country, new team, unfamiliar car and unfamiliar tracks – you name it, I wanted to be out of my comfort zone. It was a massive success on all accounts both on and off the track.

While I missed the first part of the season, I started my first two race weekends with double podiums and finished on a solid note with more hardware this weekend. Lots of people to thank for making this possible:

John and Trish Crawford of Motorsport Solutions – none of this would have been possible without their support. Words cannot express my appreciation for all that you have done for me on and off the track. Experiences that will certainly shape my future.

Spike Kohlbecker Racing Supporters, Sponsors and Advisory Committee – I hope I made you proud and I’m not done yet. Thanks for all you do for me. More updates for you later!

SImon and Zac – when you’re 8,300 miles from home it’s good to have friends. Thanks for all your support. See you in the pits soon.

Paul and the Motorsport New Zealand Racing Team – what a solid group of well-respected, hard-working engineers and mechanics. Thanks for letting me work with you for the last 2 months- My internship was a success.

New Zealand – to the good people of New Zealand. THANK YOU! Your support made all of this possible. Too many people and businesses to list but you know who you are. You’re always welcome in my home and in my pit.



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