• Who? What? Where?

    Who? What? Where?

    1 : John Crawford2 : Glen Hayward3 : Kevin Mcleod4 : Graham Lambie5 : Steve Cosgrove6 : Don Mckay7 : Kurt ?8 : Richie ?9 : Fran ?10 : Rhys Mckay11 : Walter Lechner Snr12 : Michael Fritscher13 : Trish Crawford14 : Paul Larsen15 : Graeme Peppler16 : Hiro Kojima17 : Andrew Horrox18 : Alex

  • Ford 1600 Parts!

    Ford 1600 Parts!

    Recently arrived hard to get Ford 1600 engine parts : Genuine Head GasketsInlet and Exhaust ValvesValve SpringsTensioner kitWeber 32/36 DGV Carburettor – Standard Ivey CP Piston sets – Approved for use in FF1600 Plus we also stockMintex MLB19 Brake PadsDBA 4994 FFord Hat Type disc brake rotorDBA 4993 FFord Flat Type disc brake rotor

  • It’s all about the body!

    It’s all about the body!

    Bodywork for sale: We stock all panels for Van Diemen RF90 to 92, all models of Stealth, plus their crashboxes and radiator trays.Also Lola and McRae F5000 bodyworkplus we make all the aluminum chassis panels for these cars. We do manufacture Tubs for Lola and McRae’s plus repair them. We post or ship overseas For more

  • Hewland Gearboxes

    Hewland Gearboxes

    A small job for Motorsport Solutions. Assemble all these new parts into an brand new DG300 Hewland Gearbox case for one of our customers. If we need any special tools we will just make them, like the collection of Jigs for Hewland Gearboxes we have made over the years.

  • For Sale!

    For Sale!

    FOR SALE:A Small Selection of parts manufactured by us at Motorsport Solutions, FF1600 New Spec sumps $POAQuick Lifters $395.00Stealth Starter Adaptors $379.00Van Diemen 90 to 95 or Stealth Rear lower forward suspension Pickup $97.75Van Diemen 90 to 95 or Stealth Radiators 1″1/8th Outlets $625.00 Prices exclusive of GST and FreightWe Do Ship Internationally

  • Recently Completed!

    Recently Completed!

    Recently completed various parts for Formula Ford and Formula 5000..F5000 Input Shafts, Disc Bells, Formula Ford wheel rims, Starter Adaptors, Uprights, Bellhousing, Formula Ford Sumps and Suspension parts. All machined and manufactured at Motorsport Solutions NZ Ltd.  We can produce bespoke fabrication or CNC machined parts to our customers specific requirements. We ship Internationally! Custom

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