Motorsport Solutions – Our Story
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Motorsport Solutions – Our Story

Motorsport Solutions NZ Ltd.
An overview from John and Trish Crawford, The founders from 1990.
Starting from small beginnings the company was founded with a passion for car racing and the desire and ability to make anything.

With the company starting life as a racing school and then in the last 15 years moving into more of a technical and engineering base, it has shown that it can design, make and maintain not only racing cars but any machinery that has a basic or complex nature.
This has served the company well, as it has grown into the leading and most diverse motorsports company in New Zealand and world renowned for saying yes to a project then sitting down and making it happen.

This has been accomplished by many staff over the years, but in recent years it has been the present staff, with the engineering capability to machine, production and or bespoke parts, fabricate components or complete cars from scratch. Design, build and rebuild all types of engines and test in our own on site facilities.

The mechanical ability of our build shop and gearbox department is second to none, with stores and administration staff to keep the work flowing efficiently.
We maintain a good inventory of F5000, Formula Ford and some associated parts. We specialize in Lola, McRae, McLaren parts and Van Diemen and Stealth formula ford parts from the Mid 80s on. Engines for these classes are one of our specialties with lease engines available.

With such a diverse skill base in house and a combined 100 years of expertise there is no better place to build, prepare, repair, or run any project. We have a record of completing the projects on time and budget, with the results being testament to the ability of our staff and management.

A happy team that is focused on the result and having some fun at the same time always seems to be the ticket to success.
We are all facing interesting times as the world changes so talk to us as we can do most things with complete control and discreetness if required.

Below are some of the parts we manufacture and projects that we have built over the years.


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